Sabaat | Episode 2 | A More Promising Episode

Please read about the cast and characters before you read the review.

Alright, let’s begin the review of the second episode of Sabaat.

Plot Summary

Meeral’s grandmother is all emotional and her father asks her to be respectful towards her. What does she say? That taking care of grandmother is for nannies. Who talks like that?

Hassan is doing a freelancer job and has made 5000 rupees. Meeral isn’t happy about it and goes to chugli to her father. His father orders him to come to office, instead and that facing real life is tough. Meh! One would think that because Fareed has seen poverty he would want his kids to know what it feels. But he’s the other kind – I have suffered enough, my kids shouldn’t. Meh, again!

Hassan also tells them that he will take the bus. Has the man changed for good?

No. Well, partly.

He has done this only to prove Anaya wrong. And because others always taunt him of relying on his father’s money.

I like how Anaya randomly says awesome lines.

جیسے قیامت آنی ہے نا، ویسے ہی ہماری شادیاں بھی ہونی ہیں۔

Anaya is not just a brilliant mind, but also actively works for women’s rights.

Meeral is spying on Hassan. Nani starts her lessons again, which irks Meeral more and she breaks Hassan’s laptop.

There is some Afsheen girl who’s BBC of the college.

She tells Atif, Hassan’s chela.

Meeral calls Hassan just then and orders him to come home. Atif agrees like a pet. Why does Meeral have so much power over everyone?

Meeral bribes Atif and he tells her about Anaya. Our changed man Hassan is still travelling by bus and is intrigued by poor people. He also witnesses his father firing an employee Yasir for suspicion of helping a rival Pasha. The other employee Feroz looks dubious to me.

I don’t understand this scene. That look!

Anyhow, Hassan requests his father for some time as he doesn’t want to work in his father’s company. Fareed refuses and Hassan refuses more assertively. Like father like son.

He comes home to see the broken laptop. Meeral tells him to buy a laptop on his own. Meeral is that creature who wants to own everything. And now that she knows about Anaya, I don’t have a good feeling.

Anaya’s seminar begins. Even though Hassan doesn’t want to attend, her words affect him the most.

Mawra Hocane shines in that speech. Watch the video from 34th minute onwards.

And on that good note the episode ends, giving me reason to watch the next episode. I would still say it is very loud.

Chalo, off to watch something else.

Shabana Mukhtar

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