Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 105


Mushin and Cedah, Kerim and Ayse are still camping. Kerim notices Ayse’s scripts. I begin to wonder if they will argue again. But they don’t. Thank goodness.


Kerim and Ayse are forced to share a single camping bed. The duo has never slept in the same bed and now they’re like next to each other. How romantic! Why are they getting a divorce? I don’t wike it…


The next morning, Cedah ruins the mood. She has leaked the news that Ayse has signed an acting assignment. Kerim flips out and they verbally lash out at each other. Kerim looks more handsome when he’s angry…


But Muhsin almost recalls everything that transpired the day he had the heart attack. Haw! No, not about Kerim and Ayse. He wants to divorce Helda.


Another divorce on the horizon.





Shabana Mukhtar

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