Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 113

Ayse and Kerim wake up in the same bed thanks to Ayse’s drinking the previous night.

Cedah threatens that she would ruin the Yigiters and blame Ayse. Would Ayse cave to her threats? I think so, but she really shouldn’t. Cedah doesn’t stop there. She tells Kerim about the handsome man who will star opposite Ayse in the TV drama. Stupid Kerim falls for her shit. Stupid Kerim… He lashes out at Fiza.

And then he signs the papers.

Their final fight is heartbreaking to say the least and the couple gets emotional.

Sabri gets a job at a shipping company and his parents are not happy. As usual, they blame it on Ayse’s family.

Helda leaves the house announcing she will divorce Muhsin. Damn!

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