Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 114


Kerim calls his lawyer, only to irk Ayse who’s listening to the conversation. What kind of cat-n-mouse game is this? Kerim needs two witnesses, people who know about the contract marriage. The options are obvious – Volkan and Cedah.


Devastated by Kerim’s taunts, Ayse takes Gonca to confide. Kerim does the same with Volkan. Neither Gonca nor Volkan trust them.


Muhsin and Helda are still adamant to get a divorce. 


Nazmiye and Malahat are now discussing Erkut and his marriage. Let him grow up a little, no? 


The best scene: Ayse and Kerim’s confrontation that Volkan shamelessly watches. Good thing Gonca and Volkan both understand the jealousy factor too well and help the married couple.


Until next episode, stay safe.


Shabana Mukhtar


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