Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 121


Volkan’s antiques are funny in the court. The judge doesn’t trust him and he falters. The judge threatens to hold him in contempt of court so Volkan begins to ramble. The case is postponed, despite Cedah’s best efforts. Just what we wanted, right?

Back at the cottage, Rasim finds the paper duck that Kerim had prepared for Ayse. He is sending it to someone. Who? Kerim?

Nope, for Muhsin. But the parcel ends up with Ayse.

Erkut tells his family that Fiza will visit again. The entire family loses their mind. Nazmiye gets a makeover – green hair, modern clothes, and loud makeup. Bisma also behaves rudely with Malahat.

Ayse and Kerim are looking for a marriage counselor who can give a certificate that they couple should separate.. Kerim contemplates telling Ayse that he kissed Ayse but people interrupt them. Argh!

Love Volkan in this episode.

Until next episode, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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