Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 45



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Malahat and Nazmiye’s beauty parlour is a flop show, the cooker explodes and they are also locked outside the house. Riza loses his temper but controls his urge to punch someone.

Kerim is so jealous and upset that he tells what his typical affairs are like. Then, he shows tantrums that Ayse has lost their wedding ring. They arrive at Ayse’s maika.

Does anyone notice that Riza doesn’t mind Ayse’s “modern” dressing style? In the first episode, he had objected on pretty modest clothing, too.

Sabri is proving himself useful for a change. But, seeing Ayse pushes him to his “majnoo” side again and the couple leaves soon after.

Buying expensive gift did not work for Samet so Volkan asks Samet that he should show his masculine side – be the angry young man for Hulya. It doesn’t work, of course.

That night, Ayse and Kerim bicker about the ring again. They are cute.

Shabana Mukhtar

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