Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 54


This episode starts on a saddening note: Kerim and Ayse fight and decide to separate. Half of the episode is spent as they talk to themselves, separately. Ayse plans to stay with Gonca and Kerim dreams about starting over. 

Muhsin isn’t keeping well and doesn’t have much time left. He is really going an extra mile now that he’s worried about his health. He has plans to marry Volkan to Cedah and hand over the company to Kerim within a month. So, ahem, bring Ayse back. I am sure Ayse will make him beg.

Ayse tells Riza and Riza takes it quite we, without losing his mind. Kerim brings balloons etc to profess his love for Ayse. Erkut’s four lousy friends are there to cheer Kerim.

They argue, again, *rolling eyes* as they both accuse each other of being in love. The last minute of this episode is so cute as Ayse hugs Kerim and Kerim pushes her away.

Melodramatic couple… Eheheh!

Shabana Mukhtar

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