Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 67


Alright, time to review episode 67.

Malahat makes up fabricated stories about some relative who abandoned his wife, so Riza would learn a lesson. Why would he? He isn’t doing anything wrong. I don’t understand Nazmiye, to be honest.

She visits Ayse to discuss Riza’s changing behaviour. Hulya entertains her instead, experience talks. I didn’t understand why she was so sympathetic towards Nazmiye. She’s very unpredictable.

Kerim is still sulking about Moammar, the tutor. They bicker before going to bed, as is the norm. That’s what make them so adorable. Kerim’s dream about Ayse and Moammar is so effing hilarious; so is Ayse’s dream where she’s the diva and the boss at Modumu.

Cedah suggests that they should either stop the campaign or change the focus away from Kerim and Ayse. Awnnn! I was so looking forward to there close moments, even if it was fake.

Shabana Mukhtar

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