Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 99


Cedah blackmails Kerim again and forces him to let her continue to work at Mudamu. Ayse promises that she would take the whole blame of their fake marriage. Cedah wins, again. I’m so tired of this cat-n-mouse game. Cedah has also hired the same agent woman to get Ayse acting jobs, just so Ayse would stay away from Kerim.


They couple argues later. Neither wants to divorce but on surface they pretend that they don’t want to stay with each other for a moment longer than necessary. Tch! Why can’t they read each other’s eyes and see what they really want.


Nazmiye and Riza are back at the doctor who listens to their rants and suggests they swap their jobs. Wow! If all couples do this, most marriages would last longer and happier.


Volkan has his own battle to fight – the girl Helda has matched for him is crazy. She annoys him and makes Gonca jealous.


Shabana Mukhtar

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