Zebaish | Episode 11

This episode exemplifies break-neck speed. Let’s do a bullet list review of the events, shall we?

  • Nadeem arrives home
  • Parvez upsets him by mentioning Javed
  • Naushi doesn’t cancel her shoot
  • She meets a tharki man at the party and the next moment, he’s shot dead
  • Police arrives at the venue in thirty seconds and instead of investigating, begins to create a social media uproar
  • Nadeem and Parvez arrive to bail them
    The family now mourns as of someone has died Tashi and Fakhra Begum enjoy this as their victory
  • Nadeem leaves Naushi
  • Naushi commits suicide

Of course, she wouldn’t die but that was another bit of drama, meh! I guess now Wasif will know the whereabouts of Nadra and Naushi.

Let’s review it now, with bullets again.

  • Itna plot change? Itni overacting? Uff. Most of the episode happens as Young London’s song Let Me Go plays – Shahnawaz enters, meets Naushi, hits on her, dances with her and gets shot. Not even long enough to identify the song. It takes a Googler (crazy) like me to get that title. Phew!
  • Zara’s scene at the party made me squirm. Her arrogance with her mother was unnecessary so was her nervousness when she first met Shahnawaz (the guy who was shot). Where was her swag then?
  • AsmaAbbas’ hairdo, expressions and wardrobe, everything seems outdated.
  • I have absolutely loved Asad Siddiqui in every role he has played, even Vicky with an accent in Azar ki Aayegi Baraat but even he seems to pull a Shahrukh every now and again as he delivers dialogues in low voice.


Shabana Mukhtar

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