Zebaish | Episode 12

Naushi is saved by the way. And another melodrama ensues between mother and daughter. Shahana wants Nadeem to marry Naushi while Nadeem is busy with his new colleague. He promotes Tashi to director’s post, just like that.

Nadeem refuses to marry Naushi, Naushi and Nadra overhear the conversation and we know more drama will follow. The whole time there was loud music in the background. What’s with all the drama these days? They all add background music to add dramatic effect instead of focusing on sharp plot twists.

Fakhra and Natasha plan well and Tashi ends up at Nadeem’s place. Nadeem is so dumb, just like his father.

I like Nausheen Khan’s arrogant character. Her arrogance now reminds Javed of how well Shahana treated her.

Parvez talks to Naushi and tells her to forget Nadeem. Is it only me or is he flirting with her?

The episode ends as Wasif finds Nadra and Naushi. Good, let’s finish this story quickly.

By the way, who has done the wardrobe? Very old-fashioned. Except for Salma, everybody else’s wardrobe is just meh.

Shabana Mukhtar

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