Zebaish | Episode 2


This episode is primarily about exposition, most of which I have summarized in my previous post Zebaish | Cast & Characters.

The Showbiz Side

Javed loses five lakh rupees in horse race, yet again. He still wouldn’t give up until he recovers his lost money. Shahana transfers money to his account but it enrages him further. Their son has anxiety issues, and gets depressed easily. I sense mental health angle there.
Parvez flirts with Shahana as usual, and Shahana is upset with Javed and Javed is now considering Munshi’s widow. I am sure he’ll marry her.

The Aastana Side

Wasif orders Nafees to marry Naushi to Qasim. Even Peer Sahab is helpless. Salma helps Nafees and family to run away but Naushi’s juvenile rant delays them. Wasif comes there with his goons, Naushi and Nadra escape and Nafees is shot.

The driver drops them when he sees the goons on the road. The two women walk until morning but their hosts are poor and ill-mannered.
Nafees succumbs to the bullet wound as Wasif celebrates his win. Wasif puts a prize of five lakh rupees for catching the women. Greed overpowers their hosts but smart heroine manages to escape with her mother. How and when will they meet Shahana, let’s wait until next episode.



I don’t understand why everyone addresses Wasif as Siyahposh.

Nadra and Salma look quite similar. Anyone?

Naushaba’s character is pretty annoying and I have a feeling this drama might not clear the 5-episode test for its enraging characters and loud AF music.

Until next review…

Shabana Mukhtar

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