Zebaish | Episode 4

I think this drama’s sole purpose is to give a chance to overact their bums.

Each actor seem to follow one mantra: Go hamming way.

So, Javed proposes Munshi’s widow. Javed is old but quite the romantic. 

Javed and Parvez both recognize Nadra and her past as a courtesan dancer. Nadra in turn gets upset remembering her late husband.

Shahana asks Javed to fight Nadra’s case to investigate Nafees’s murder.

“I have nothing to do with Nafees’s murder,” Wasif claims.

Javed plans to marry Nadeem with Tashi and Shahana considers Naushi for Nadeem. Ek anaar dou beemaar.

Shahana spots Javed at the shopping mall with Shahnaz Begun. Javed denies all allegations. How long is he going to hide this from her?

The nikaah takes place as Shahana arranges a birthday party for Javed. And the police arrives to ruin the party, to arrest Nadra and Nausheen.


Wasif is evil and Salma is just the opposite. Salma and Peer Sahab are the only two characters who aren’t loud. 

Does anyone remember that harassment case. It is easily forgotten.

Until next review…

Shabana Mukhtar

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