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I have been reading Mrs Sohail Khan since high school. She has written a lot of escapist stories. We – me and my sisters, found a pattern in her writing. We discuss that everytime we get together. I think it is time that I put that on paper.

Writing Style

Sohail Khan writes escapist romance novels. There may or may not be any underlying social message. But, she has a formula, a recipe, if you will. A recipe that yields the exact same dish every time. Here is the thing – no matter how tasty the dish is, it gets boring after a time. Even a Biryani lover would be sick of eating Biryani three times a day, 365 days a year, right?

Don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed many of these escapist romantic stories. But the formula gets so repetitive that even the supposed escapism fails to fold longer. You begin to disengage with the narrative.

Also, the heroine and hero have such staple physical description that your don’t really see a difference, EVER.


Two very modern protagonists with strange, unheard names. Often, these names even sound weird.


  • Our Heroine is 5’ 8” tall, always, ALWAYS.
  • She is curvy and has very fair complexion.
  • She has gorgeous hair that reach her knees.
  • Bold, fearless, confident are some of her characteristics.
  • She is good at studies. Even if she is not, something will change her and she will become the topper.
  • She is almost always the most sensible person in her family.
  • Subtlety is not her strongest suite. She falls in love and likes to scream it at the top of her lungs. She wants everyone to know that she’s in love.


  • Our hero is 6’ 2” and no less, NEVER.
  • He is like a greek god, cuz they are supposed to be the most handsome creatures in the world.
  • He is either good at studies or at business or at his job. He is the best at whatever he does, including wooing the heroine.
  • He likes to keep his emotions in check.

East or West, Indian Cities Are the Best

A city of India discovered in detail, with its native language, their culture, their dressing style, their sensibilities. You suddenly feel like you’re in a geography class.

The Language

She uses a lot of English words in narrative with its Urdu meaning in parenthesis which totally ruins the charm of the story.


Conflict that stops the h and heroin from being happy or being together. One of the most oft repeated conflcit is that their parents are not happy together about their union, which creates a subplot for conflict between parents. Or, the heroine is all broken hearted assuming that hero doesn’t love her.

Parting Thoughts

Read her work, you will be entertained. But, don’t read too many at once.

Happy reading!
Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Hmmm… Could you share the titles that you have already read? I think I might have some pdfs. I will look for them and share if I have them.

  2. Aiman Jamil says:

    There are just a bunch of her novels that are available on google. I want to read more but still haven’t found a way. I live in Pakistan so the Indian digest are not available here in the market. I don’t know the digest policy but pakeeza anchal in which she used to write is also not available on google.

  3. Good to meet someone who agrees with my point of view. Who else do you read?

  4. Noor Rizvi says:

    Right,Shabana ….even I analysed mrs Suhail Khan novels in similar way

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