Turkish TV Series Review | Rental Love Urdu Dubbed | Episode 9

You can meet Kiralik Ask’s cast and characters here.

Rental Love Urdu Dubbed Episode 9 Written Update & Review

Neriman has put Chashmish to look for the featured shoes that Yasmeen has stolen. He does find the shoes, and Koray retrieves the shoes later. Neriman has a lot of contacts, and these contacts so far work in Defne’s favour, thankfully!

Omer meets Defne’s little sister and even gives her company until her ride comes. Awnnn! It’s so sweet.

Defne and Omer prepare to receive Italian business guests. Omer even makes French onion soup. The guests mistake Defne as Omer’s girlfriend, and Omer plays along. Huh? Doesn’t he have any principles like honesty or something? Anywho, so things get a little out of hand, and Omer ends up giving hid grandma’s ring to Defne. 


Wait, there’s more… The guests also tease them and ask them to kiss. Ahem, ahem… no…nothing happens. Neriman and Necme arrive there just before the couple kisses. Shame, what a shame.

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