Drama Review | Angna | Episode 23

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Angna Episode 23 Written Updates and Review

Ayeza is quite unpredictable. On second, she is all sulky and broody; the next moment she is all chirpy and bubbly. I don’t understand her character much, even though she is the best actor among the four sisters.

Saira is giving Zain and Eshal a chance to spend time together, but I guess her real self can’t be buried much longer. Her arrogant self resurfaces, and she once calls Zain to office under the pretext of some urgent meeting, a meeting, which gets cancelled two minutes before Zain reaches office. Aise kahan hota hai aunty ji? Poor Zain… He can’t see beyond his mother’s cunniving ways. He is content that Saira is letting her stay in the same room as Eshal. Why is that? Why do mothers try to control their kids’ lives? I mean, not all mothers, but Saira is one prime example. So annoying.

Abeeha is getting back to life, but she is still not ready to move on, still not ready to marry someone else. We all know where this track is headed, and I just want them to get to the point already. 

This episode was dedicated to Nayab, as we see most of the scenes involving Nayab and her in-laws. Raza and his family is trying to find the keys to Nayab’s locker–I presume to steal her jewellery. Nayab overhears, and then Raza launches an elaborated lie, even embroils an innocent employee Murad into it. He says that Murad is cheating on their company, for lack of a better term 😉 This track is the most irritating of them all. This is that one track that makes me want to say–bas karte ab. But I’ve started watching a soap, and I’m trying to keep my commitment.


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