Drama Review | Angna | Episode 24

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Angna Episode 24 Written Updates and Review

Dadi talks to Abeeha and tries to convince her to remarry. Abeeha hasn’t agreed, but she will, and soon. 
Zaiba coincidentally learns about Ammar’s second marriage. Dadi, Azhar and Zaiba just lose their temper. I don’t think they will let Ayeza stay with Ammar now. Kanwal Khan had acted quite poorly in that scene when she meets her parents. So superficial. On a side note, Azhar was too rude to Ammar’s parents. I mean… It’s not like they intentionally hid the truth from them, not initially at least. For a rich businessman, Azhar sounded loud and rude, so unlike his usual persona.
Raza and her family is trying to steal from Nayab. I don’t understand their greed. They are already living in a good house and leading a good life. Aur kya chahiye? Nayab is quite a good actor, but she is restrained by poor writing. I think she could do better. 
Eshal and Zain are still living the same life full of lies and deceit. Saira still keeps an eye on them all the time, ALL THE TIME. This shit ain’t getting fixed so easily.
Angna is so bleh. Their heart is in the right place but the execution and performances just bring it down. Whoever plays Abeeha (Areeba Khan?) cannot act. Her expressions, her dialogue delivery is so plain. I mean, who gave her a chance? Same goes for Rabab Hashim. Same expressions all the time. 


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