Drama Review | Angna | Episode 33

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Angna Episode 33 Written Updates and Review

Saira takes Eshal to the doctor, who bursts the bubble.
“She isn’t expecting,” doctor says.
Now, Saira is as devastated as she could be. She “allowed” the couple to be together and be happy because she wanted a grandson. And, now, her dreams are shattered. By the way, I like that they subtly brought up hormonal imbalance in women. This is a big problem, and must be addressed, but not how Dil Zaar Zaar does “in your face” way.
Nayab is striving hard to hide her pain and sadness from her family. Now that Raza and her family is behind the bars, Azhar is readying to file for another khula. Poor him. Nayab isn’t well. We all know what that means. Pregos, ahem!
In the prison, Raza loses his temper. He yells are his parents for raising them to be greedy and frauds. The police sends Nida and Raheela home while Raza is beaten black and blue. The rest of the episode was quite loud. 


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