Drama Review | Angna | Episode 45

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Angna Episode 45 Written Updates and Review


Saira has asked Eshal to leave Zain for good. Eshal is as shocked as could be. How would she deal with the situation?

On the other hand, Saira is ignoring all the pleas by Zain to stay with Eshal. This track is going painfully slow and shitty.


Nida meets Sallu despite Nayla’s many questions. Sallu is willing to send his proposal for Nida. Nayla, however isn’t happy with this.

Moosa is suspicious about Zain and Eshal. He meets Zain for breakfast trying to gauge if things are alright between them. Zain pretends that all iz well. Will Moosa buy this crap? I’m not sure.

Raza is upset about the humiliation episode. He discusses his frustration with Raheel. Raheel, in turn, asks Raza to meet Nayab and apologize to her. The question is, will Nayab listen to Raza?



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