Drama Review | Chaudhry and Sons | Episode 25


7th Sky Entertainment Presentation

Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Director: Syed Wajahat Hussain

Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhary

Without much further ado, let’s review this episode.

Chaudhry and Sons Episode 24 Recap

Bunty and Sheeba are worried about their nikaah outfit, while Pari is trying her best to tell Billu who she really is. Neither Sheeba’s outfit is ready nor could Pari tell Billu  


Chaudhry and Son Episode 25 Written Update & Review

The Mehr has become a point of contention

Shakir has asked chacha Mukhtar to ask for a heavy Mehr just to secure Pari’s future. But that makes Dildar Chaudhry suspicious, only a little bit.

Love is in the air

Pari wears the bridal dupatta with “Bilal Ki Dulhan” wala dupatta, making all swoon over the beauty that Pari is. 

“Masha’allah! Aaj hi nikaah kar len, Amma?” Billu asks Naeema.

The kitchen scene between Billu and Pari was so soo sooo romantic… I repeated it, like 2-3 times.  This wasn’t just romantic, it was hilarious AF.

Billu: Patti farsh pe gir gayi thhi, ab cheeni bhi gir gayi hai, dudh dal do, farsh pe hi chai ban jayegi.

And then Naeema interrupts the love birds.

Billu (to Pari): ab toh sari zindagi sar pe sawar rehan hai, soch lo.

Naeema: Tu soch le, tu ne chhitrol yahan lagani hai ya bahar?

Billu: Ammiiii?

and Naeema slaps Billu playfully.

The romance of this drama is off the charts. And the credit goes to Imran Ashraf, Ayeza Khan, Saima Akram Chaudhary and Syed Wajahat Hussain; all of them, and in that order.

Time for “Qubool Hai” 

I simply loved the bride and groom entrance while the whole family is merrily awaiting them. It was such a finely choreographed scene with beautifully styled peeps. I loved Irsa’s saree, and Imran’s jacket and Ayeza Khan’s dress… I loved them all. ALL.OF.THEM.

Haha Moments

  1. Every time dada ji says “pleasure pleasure”, it tickles me again. Even though it has become a thing, it makes me LOL. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
  2. “Duniya mein 99.9% mard biwi ke tabedar hote hain, aur baqi 0.1% tunde hote hain, jhuk nahin sakte,” dadi ji tells Billu.
  3. Sheeba & Tashi’s jugat

Sheeba: Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai

Tashi: Mera phal gal saD gaya hai. 


This drama has become one of my all time favourites already. Once all the episodes are released, I’m going to binge it once just to enjoy the drama without having to take notes.


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Shabana Mukhtar