Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 6


Hum Tum Episode 6 Written Update & Review

Jo main sar ba sajda kabhi hua to zameen se aane lagi sada

Tera Dil toh hai sanam aashna tujhe kya milega namaaz mein

Allama Iqbal’s verse was the highlight of this episode.

Qutbuddin and professor Jabar (the lovely Saifi Hassan) are rivals at college. And Neha tries to win over Professor Jabar’s heart. But Adam brings Qutbuddin to Professor Jabar’s office, and well… Things aren’t well between Neha and her father now.

Back at home, Maha burns her hand. Incidentally, Sarmad is home, so he takes cares of things. Sarmad and Haleema, Maha and Ulfat, the four of them sit together and enjoy a nice time. Sarmad also gets to spend some time with Maha. Overall, a win-win. 

To say that Qutbuddin is miffed would be an understatement. He punishes his daughters by giving them a long list of household chores to finish, without Ulfat’s help.  He so invites Adam and Sultan for dinner.

Thisis so perfect. Qutbuddin is a genius. 

But his daughters are evil geniuses. So, guess what… Sarmad brings Achar Gosht from the restaurant. I can’t wait to see how Qutbuddin reacts when he finds the truth, if he finds the truth. 

I like this episode. It’s getting better with each passing episode.


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Shabana Mukhtar