Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Episode 10


Ibn-e-Hawwa Episode 10 Written Update

Aliya is so stupid. She agrees to meet Vicky, and even drinks from the same glass as his. She doesn’t know that Vicky has paid someone to click their pictures, but no girl in her right mind would agree to do that, especially if she likes someone else.
Zahid might be an asshole but he does get reasons. His mother comes to see Nayla despite his constant warnings. Every character in this drama is so unreasonable.
Aliya comes to save Nayla from the proposal–the guy is already married and beats his wife. While Zahid is still ready to give away Nayla in this family, phupho says no. The family doesn’t take it calmly, though. They rant about Zahid’s mother.
Zahid complains to Shabratan about what Aliya has done. Shabratan has the tact to convince anyone and everyone including Zahid. She offers Zahid to marry Mahjabeen, and in exchange she will find a better proposal for Nayla. Zahid is ready to consider this proposal, only for Mahjabeen’s monies. Nayla, on the other hand, is contemplating contacting Shakir. I wonder how that will work out.


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Shabana Mukhtar