Drama Review | Paristan | 5 Things I Love About the Drama

1. It showed us that a boy and a girl could be just friends

“Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte.”

We have heard this adage a million times, and despite us wanting it to be untrue, fiction almost always shows that this is indeed true.

Well, not in Paristan.

Pari and her neighbour Kamali are good friends. They talk to each other the whole time, and it does make others (Haseena and Kamali’s mother both) think that something is going on between them. But it isn’t true. And it never does. They stay best buddies sharing their problems, discussing their feelings but never ever going beyond that. It was such a refreshing change because we generally tend to go the “best friends to lovers” trope, not that anything is wrong with that trope

2. It showed us that cousins could be good natured

We have a hoard of dramas where real sisters turn against each other, and when it comes to cousins, things can get nasty and evil. Ujala and Pari prove us wrong. While Pari isn’t generally thinking about anyone except her, Ujala keeps her cousin in her priority list. Once, she spends all her savings to shop for Pari even though she knew Haseena wouldn’t like it. Everytime Haseena scolds Pari or says something that might upset Pari, Ujala is quick to lend a comforting shoulder to Pari. This is so rare these days.

3. “Mera beta mera chand”? Not always true

Kamali’s mother is a realist and she knows her son too well. She knows that given how silly Kamali could be at times, few girls would want to marry him. She doesn’t go the typical “my son is the best” route, oh no she doesn’t. That was quite a surprise especially since beton ki maa never thinks there could be some flaws in their son. 

4. A yateem yaseer need not be sulking and brooding

Our heroine Pernia is a yateem (lost her father) and yaseer (lost her mother). More often than not, such people, irrespective of gender, are shown to be perpetually sulking, brooding, thinking that the whole world is their enemy. But Pernia susprises us by being a bubbly and chirpy, almost to the point of being annoying girl. That was nice.

5. Mohabbat ho bhi sakti hai 

Pighal Pather Bhi Sakte Hain
Ulat Darya Bhi Sakta Hai
Koi Aawarah Sa Panchi
Palat Kar Aa Bhi Sakta Hai
Jo Shab Keh
Mujh Pe Hansti Hai
Wohi Shab Ro Bhi Sakti Hai
Mohabbat Ho Bhi Sakti Hai….

Arsam and Pari’s love story was a living example of this little poem, don’t you think?


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Shabana Mukhtar