Drama Review | Paristan | Episode 1

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Paristan Episode 1 Written Update & Review

Pari lives with her mama, mami Haseena and cousin Ujala. She lives in the dreamworld, even dreams about her “khwabon ka shehzada” who will rescue her, and she will lead a life of someone ultra-rich and ultra-modern. Pari seeks ways to get out of any work. She doesn’t even make her own bed. Some might find that adorable, I fume over such characters.

Pari’s neighbour and friend Kamali visits her often. Even though they are only friends, it is not hard to misunderstand their relationship. And Haseena does.

Ujala is a sweet person, who is always busy in household chores. She looks so perfect, so relatable. Ujala likes Babar, and waiting for the right time to break the news to her parents. 

Ujala’s mother, and Pari’s mami, is always calculating–money, bills, expenses. She is so relatable. I do that, all the time, the only difference is, that I keep things to myself. I don’t annoy my family with my permanent calculations.

Then we meet the herp. Arsam has lost his older brother and is now looking after his kids. He is a living example of “serious, brooding, gloomy” hero who has a mountain of responsibilities on his shoulders.

Arsam is moving into the same neighbourhood as Pari. May Allah bless Arsam 😀


Aymen Saleem… What can I say for her? She has to work on her craft, her dialogue delivery and she a long way to go. In Pari’s dreams, she sees herself in swanky cars and fashionable clothes. She looks gorgeous in those two scenes. Aymen Saleem is better suited for such roles. Also, and I might be way out of limb here, but if she puts on less makeup, I think she might look better and more suited to the roles she play. She is always so dolled up. Whether it was Mishi in Chupke Chupke, or Alia in Ibn-e-Hawwa or Pari in Paristan, she never looks the part.  I also feel that she has a slight frown on her face, which makes her performance one-tone.

Speaking of frown, the same applies to Arsalan Naseer. I have mentioned it in my review for Hona Thha Pyar, that he has a frown for all the emotions. So, yeah… as much as I like him (and boy does he look hot in this drama), he needs to work harder.

Javeria Saud is a lovely woman, but in this she has overdone a bit. 

Mira and Mooroo have both done similar roles in some sketches (I will try to find the links). Mooroo was alright, but Mira is so so talented. I remember her mother Jugnu Mohsin’s interview in which she mentioned that Mira and Ali were not allowed to speak in Urdu until they had mastered Punjabi. That reference is relevant, because Mira has been bilingual (at least) since her childhood. And it even shows in her performances. Mira can be chic and diva and also a simpleton like Zubaida. Mira is one example that Aymen Saleem should follow, just saying.

Merub is so effortlessly charming. This girl has talent, and I loved her in this episode. I even wished there was more of her and less of Pari.

And Saifi bhai is lovely as usual. He was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know he is also part of the cast. Now, I must watch Paristan 😀


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Shabana Mukhtar