Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 21 Review

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I wasn’t very happy with the way last episode turned out. This episode, thankfully, starts where it had left off. We see a cute and romantic scene between Meenu and Faazi… Until they are interrupted, AGAIN. This time, it is Kifayat and Kaneez, not the super-bitter Gul aapa.

Mishi learns about Haadi’s nikaah the next week. The shock is too much, and for the first time, we see Mishi retorting, even taking back to Gul. Like her!

Kishwar overhears Haadi’s love confession. She is upset, and isn’t willing to talk. Haadi then tries to talk to bade Nawab saheb but he is busy watching television.

He is talking to Mishi while Meenu interrupts. She says and I quote: “Don’t even think of running away with Mishi. I ain’t happy here, nor will you be.”

What? I never thought Meenu will do this. Mishi has been nice to Meenu, and Meenu should have reciprocated. She should not be so upset. At least Faazi is nice with her.

Devastated, Faazi seeks help from Haadi. The conversation between Haadi and Meenu touched my heart. I love when writers focus on siblings’ relationship.

Did someone notice that Faazi is wearing the same salwar kameez while Meenu has changed thrice – red, yellow, and light grey. Strange, no?

Oh, and I captured Arshi’s pic this time. She looks pretty as Jannat.

And, Arslan Naseer with goasses…

I am reiterating but the conflicts aren’t as interesting now. I feel like just get to the end already but I know we have 9 more episodes to go.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar