Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 28 Review


Both Mani and Miskeen suggest that Faazi should not divorce Meenu only because of Gul. I had not expected them to be nice, for a change. But then, many unpredictable things are happening in this drama lately.

The biggest twist is that Miskeen takes a stand for Faazi, Meenu and Mishi. Gul doesn’t deter from her stance, though. But the gesture is worth appreciating.

Faazi can’t sleep thinking about Meenu. We see some unseen footage of #Meezi. Nice to watch, but the recap and this montage takes up half of this episode. Bahot nainsaafi hai.

Anywho… Everybody knows that Mishi is missing. Faazi and Haadi hit each other, but two things come out of it. One, Faazi tells everyone that he hasn’t divorced Meenu. Two, bade Nawab knows everything. He offers Haadi a deal – bring Mishi before noon tomorrow and I will help you two get hitched.

Meenu refuses to go with Faazi. And she’s right. A woman needs a man by her side, a man who can say right from wrong, just from unjust. Faazi doesn’t have that. All he knows is to throw tantrums, only at Meenu because others are stronger than him and bully him.

I understand that a man should respect his elders and siblings etc, but he should also respect his wife. Life should be a balance. Once the balance is off, we are left with either a dysfunctional family or an unsatisfied life.

Too preachy… I hope the drama doesn’t become melodrama. It is time for some comedy. Don’t you think?

Until next episode, I take your leave.

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I know… This episode was a bit too much. Poor Meenu… I kept my review short because it hurt me… I mean.. Faazi is such a wuss..

  2. liza says:

    I don’t what to feel after yesterday’s episode… feeling all sorts of emotions sigh… might have withdrawal symptoms when this drama ends hahaha
    Also love your reviews after every episode, it clarifies the events happening after each scene (well most) i wish it could be detailed ahhaa but i also know you’re busy 🙂

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