Drama Review | Amanat | ARY Digital | Episode 7

I was on vacation and didn’t get to watch many drama episodes. I know, being on vacation would mean I had more time in hand, I did not.
So, let’s review the seventh episode quickly.

Amanat Episode 7 written update and review

Furqan threatens Safdar about Zarar. Being a concerned father, Safdar calls Zarar to come back home. Now, Meher and Zarar are back. As one would expect, Firdaus isn’t happy but Safdar is quite understanding about the whole situation. Even Samra understand it.
Safdar learns that Zarar and Meher aren’t married. Long story short, Safdar makes sure that Zarar marries Meher in a quiet and urgent nikaah. Firdaus is still not happy with this sudden decision, but Zarar and Safdar care for Meher and that’s enough for now.
Oh, if you were wondering about the iddat issue like me, iddat doesn’t apply without rukhsati. Fawad and Meher never met in privacy, so no iddat. This is my reasoning. The makers may not have thought about it this way. If they had, they would have mentioned it somewhere.
Alright, back to the show.
This episode shows Zooni in a new light. She comes across as a confused person who is pal mein tola pal mein masha. For the first time, I sympathized with her. If you’re used to getting things done your way all your life, it’s hard to be content with unwanted changes, especially when the changes are so drastic. Zooni is upset with Zarar and the next instant, she is sweet and vulnerable when she is talking to Junaid. I’m not saying that I have started liking Saboor or her acting, but at least in that scene, I felt sorry for Zooni.
There is someting else that bothers me every time I watch Amanat or even think about it. Meher’s hair and makeup are always on point (and Urwa looks haseen whenever she is in the frame). How many bags has she brought? I think she had only one small bag with her when she left Malik Furqan’s house. Meher is seen in a different dress in every scene, Itne kapde kahan se aa rahe hain?
And Saboor’s wardrobe is just awful. Bright colours-green, fuchsia, orange, yellow… and those puffed sleeves, argh!
Did anyone feel that the episode was choppy? Bahot saare scenes one after the other, not many of them flowed smoothly.
Off to the next episode.
Shabana Mukhtar