Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 7

Badzaat Episode 6 Recap

So, Daniyal puts an indecent proposal to Biya, things blow out of proportion, and Daniyal puts all the blame on Biya and Wali. Nobody believes what Wali has to say. Akbar Hussain forces Daniyal to marry Biya.

Badzaat Episode 7 Written Update and Review

I know, I know… I hated episode 5 and 6, and I didn’t want to watch it, but then I have drafted like 25 posts for this. I’m too lazy to change these posts for some other drama. It is much easier for me to skip through the episode in 5 minutes and post a review. Besides, this will help those who don’t watch the drama but want to stay updated. Here goes.
Daniyal and Biya are in a nikaah now, and nobody is happy. Dulhan is upset, dulhan’s mother is upset, Dulha is upset, dulha’s mother is upset, Wali is upset, Huda is upset… Kya ayeda aise nikaah ka?
Huda takes off; Wali and Daniyal set off to look for her. We still don’t know where she is, while Qandeel’s reception is in a few hours. Long story short, they decided to tell Qandeel that Huda couldn’t come because she’s sick.
Daniyal wants to leave Biya, but Narmeen wants that Daniyal would never divorce Biya and keep Biya caged forever. To counter that, Mehrunnisa announces Daniyal and Biya’s nikaah during Qandeel’s reception. This doesn’t go down well with Kashif’s family. They bicker and complain and… well… Things aren’t well between Kashif.
Will Daniyal divorce Biya? When will he divorce Biya? When will Wali marry Biya?


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