Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 10

A little recap

A family has come to see Ifrah even though Neeli likes the proposal better.

Bebasi episode 10 written update and review

Shabana doesn’t like that Tameezuddin is fixing Ifrah’s wedding with someone else. She talks to Tameezuddin but her bravado is credited to Ifrah as if Ifrah is being a bad influence.

Ahmar gets another application from Tameezuddin for Ifrah’s wedding. Ahmar gives the same speech that he gave the last time, and agrees to give him twice the money. Uff… Allah aisa boss sab ko de.

Okay, so let’s talk about Ahmar. Nuzhat is against Mahrukh, and she keeps bickering with Nadiya. Nadiya and Ahmar are getting along well but then Nuzhat stirs up a dispute. Ahmar and Nadiya will get married soon, inshallah.

There was HKKST and then we have Bebasi. Har waqt OST, uff… Kaan pak gaye….


This drama makes me want a 4X on YouTube. I’m not kidding.


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Shabana Mukhtar