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Before we dive into the second episode of Bebasi, you should check out this post for cast and characters.

A little recap

We met Tameezuddin’s family; we met Ifrah and her family, and we met Sahir and his family. All these families have some trouble or the other. So far, Tameezuddin is the connecting factor. Ifrah is talking to Sahir when Azra overhears the conversation. She doesn’t mind one bit, but Will Sajid agree to this proposal?

Bebasi episode 2 written update and review

Sajid isn’t much happy about Sahir’s proposal for Ifrah. To increase his confusion, dado tells him that once Ifrah is married, he will be left with nothing. Long story short, he refuses Sahir’s proposal. Azra tries to talk to him and convince him postively.

Sajid meets Anwar at the latter’s office. He tells him that he married Azra after her first husband divorced her. He also spoke about Tameezuddin being an ill-tempered, uneducated man. Indirectly, he is saying that Ifrah comes from a psycho family. He portrays himseld to be the bigger man, and he succeeds in his attempt. Anwar being the businessminded person that he is, we know how he would react.

Sahir and Ifrah meet again, and both are clueless about the turmoil that is coming their way.

Sahir doesn’t understand why Anwar is refusing for Ifrah’s proposal. Anwar tells about Sajid’s visit. Sahir immediately gets to the bottom of it – that Sajid isn’t as sincere as he seems.  I like how Sahir can read the real meaning behind Sajid’s act. Regardless, Sahir pesters his father to agree to his marriage to Ifrah. Anwar agrees on one condition: that he will go out for a year-old course.

I know what he has in mind – once Sahir goes out for the course, he will call off the engagement. Waise bhi official engagement toh huyi nahin hai.

Tameezuddin’s family

Neeli and tameezuddin are still up against each other. Neeli is determined to say no. I don’t like Neeli is rude to her father but parents are supposed to ask for daughter’s consent before finalizing the proposal.

Neeli’s finality scares Tameezuddin. Neeli isn’t content with this. She wants to watch a movie on cable. Yeh ladki phadda khada karegi. I like that two arrogant characters are up against each other. Generally, we see a stark difference – like Tameezuddin and Ishrat Jahan. Neeli  is the perfect match for her father’s stubborn behaviour.

I can’t wait to get to the next episode. Until the next review, check out my books.

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. I totally agree. Eeshal’s character is to make sure Tameezuddin keeps his outbursts in check. Neeli is Tameezuddin’s daughter in truest sense. More power to her. 😉
    I’m waiting for a full-fledged phadda between them, tbh.

  2. liza says:

    ahahah nowadays i feel you have a thing against kids who speak their mind to their parents aka being rude… although i don’t see it myself because honestly people like tameezuddin (although being a father, lacks manners himself) and my policy if someone treats you rudely, regardless whether he is your parent or not should show him his place. and tameezuddin isn’t a good father in any way, they are all motivated by selfish agendas and i think neeli did great by standing her ground. not being the oppressed daughter but that’s just my opinion 🙂

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