Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 7

A little recap of episode 6

Ifrah has come to live with Tameezuddin’s family. Neeli and Ishrat aren’t very excited. Ifrah might become the favourite daughter, and that wouldn’t go down well with Neeli. More conflict is coming out way.

Bebasi episode 7 written update and review

Tameezuddin’s track

Ifrah gets up early morning, straightens up things, like literally. Not one chair was in its place. She even cleans the kitchen and makes tea.


Tameezuddin isn’t easily impressed. He bickers about Azra and warns Ifrah to be in her limits. Hadh hai. Tameezuddin is speaking for his family, and his family thinks that he is favouring Ifrah.


Oh, Sahir is back because he is worried about Ifrah. Anwar meets Sajid to prepare Sajid for meeting Sahir. Azra tells Sahir everything, even gives Tameezuddin’s address. Azra aunty has acted well. She looks like a mother who’s daughter has suffered unbearable pain and loss.


I hadn’t notice it before but Alizeh can’t emote well. I mean the last time I saw her was in Ehd-e-Wafa. Whether it was good direction or something else, she acted well for her part. In this drama, it seems like she’s haming. She can’t cry at least.


Did anyone else think that Tameezuddin’s house is too big for his salary?


Ahmar’s track

Kamran comes to Ahmar with another complaint – that workers are asking for overtime salary. So far, he has had three scenes and in all three scenes he is complaining about the workers. Kabhi good news nahin laata re baba…



Ahmar takes off from office and comes home to argue with Mahrukh. The problem? Mahrukh has sent a ton of sweets to celebrate Ahmar’s engagement with Nadiya. Aise kaise zabardasti? Ahmar isn’t like a young kid, is he?


But, he does agree to the engagement. Is he willing to sacrifice his happiness for his elder sister? That’s what it looks like, but we will know better.

What to expect from episode 8


Sahir will come to see Ifrah. That would be interesting.


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