Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 14

A little recap of episode 13

Shahzad and other people from the neighborhood try to talk to Jameel and pursuade him to change his mind about Aashi and Momin. Aashi, fearing that Jameel would divorce Ansa, says that she is willing to marry Fakhr. Yeah, BS is happening.

Dil-e-Momin episode 14 written update and review

Argh, flashbacks… So many flashbacks… I felt like half of this episode is flashbacks.
Yeah, so Momin listens to his parents talking. Aashi is willing to marry Fakhr. Poor Momin and his family are so devastated.
Momin is so upset that be takes it to heart and falls sick. That could only mean one thing – uni se chutti. Maya jo tapi hai. She constantly calls Momin, and the calls finally gets picked. Guess who picked up the call? Zehra. Momin doesn’t tell his mother who Maya is, but Zehra is suspicious now.
Fari and Ainee are for shopping when Ainee spots Gohar. Yeah… yeah…yeah… Fari realizes what a blunder she has committed. Will Fakhr hurt Wali because of the whole Fakhr versus Gohar misunderstanding.
Maya’s mother has only one mission in life – get Maya and Gohar married so she could marry Saif. Matlab kuch bhi…
Koi Maya ko hatao yaar. Itni annoying hai..what’s her redemption arc? It’s 14 episodes already.
I still stand by the premise of this drama. I like how several religious things are conveyed in this drama. The whole Maya and Gohar track, I don’t understand.
All said and done, Faisal Qureshi is still the best thing of this drama. He is the reason I’m watching this drama, still. That dejected look on his face when he leaves Aashi’s house just made me cry, just for a tiny little moment. Then he arrives home, locks himself in his room and breaks down. Then o cried buckets. Hey, I need a reason to cleanse my system.
Also, Tara Mehmood, what a phenomenal actor. I loved that one look at the dinner table when she asked Maya to bring Momin home, uff. Manipulative AF!

What to expect from episode 15

Momin might agree to meet Maya’s mother.

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Shabana Mukhtar