Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 35

Dil-e-Momin episode 35 written update and review

This Gohar track is getting so old now. Gohar loves Maya, Maya loves Momin, and Momin loves Aashi. Even though one player is out of the whole equation, the situation hasn’t changed at all.
Gohar trashes Maya before leaving her alone.
“You’re not worthy of being the daughter-in-law of a good family,” Gohar says.
Ouch! That was a bit much.
But that has helped Maya take a decision. She’s leaving the country to live with her friend in Canada.
Waleed and Fari’s story is set. I liked their little love story. Nida Hussain and Haris both are so sweet together.
Momin is behaving a bit too harsh with Rani. I never agreed to Maya’s actions nor do I feel sorry for her. But I’m not Momin. Momin is a pious man, remember. Hasn’t he learned his lesson to treat Allah’s makhlooq well?
The episode ends as Jameel and Ansa find the truth about Fakhr.
Ab? I guess Momin and Maya will get married in the next episode. I hope, I so hope it ends then. Bahot ho gaya…

So long!

And it has really been so long. I mean, 35 episodes… Shocking!!!

Alright, over and out now.


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Shabana Mukhtar