Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 6

I missed this episode last week. Nope, I wasn’t busy. I did that on purpose. I like binging. Watching three episodes back to back was fun, and it is also easier to write the review and update this way. There is only one problem – I watched the episodes two days back, and I have forgotten many things.
Well… That can’t deter me from reviewing this episode. I will rely on my memories. Without much further ado, let’s look at the events of Dil e Momin episode 6.

Dil-e-Momin episode 6 written update and review

Mohabbat ka koi naap tol nahin hota, jab hoti hai toh bey-tahasha hoti hai.
Momin is heartbroken after the news, and since he has tawakkul on Allah, he seeks help from Allah. Our dear Imam Sahib talks to Momin. His wise words do give Momin more courage to face the bitter and harsh reality.
“Zinadgi main kabhi mayus nahin hona. Mayusi insan ki shikast par mohar laga deti hai,” Imam Sahib tells Momin.
Momin arrives at rhe University and Gauhar talks to him rudely as if they are classmates. Everybody is watching, and nobody is interfering. What kind of college is this? If this had happened in my college… Well… I wouldn’t have known if any such thing happened. I used to be confined to my classroom or lab. I was such a nerd.
So, while this drama between Gauhar and Momin is going on, Maya arrives at the university. Momin tapa hua hai, after whatever shit Gauhar has said. So, he takes his frustration out on someone who deserves it – Maya.
He scolds Maya, and asks her to stay away. When Maya reminds him of his words over the phone, he has the perfect reply.
“It was all a misunderstanding,” Momin says.
Maya is upset and goes back home. That was such a brat move. Someone scolded me, someone did not listen to me, someone did not obey me; I will go home. If this is her way to get Momin’s attention, she is in for a rude shock.
Worried about Momin, Imam Sahib decides to meddle. He comes to talk to Jameel. The conversation begins with Jameel not offering prayers at the masjid, and then slowly turns rude.
“Aap dua karein ki Allah Mujhe taufiq de,” Jameel says.
“Taufiq ka taalluq khwahish se hota hai,” Imam Sahib tells Jameel .
Jameel holds grudges against everyone, and he isn’t nice to anyone. He is perpetually bitter, and he has a back reply for everything positive. I think I have mentioned this before, but it would not hurt to repeat here: It takes hard work to pen a character like him. To show someone a pious and religious and lovable person is easy. To show someone to be a whiny, annoying and loathable is damn hard.
So, I was saying, he doesn’t treat Imam Sahib well. But, I agree with his point. It isn’t fair to discuss about someone’s daughter, and whether she likes some guy or not. Not cool, Imam sahib. You might be trying to help Momin, but this is probably not your place to comment.
Shabeer Jan is so intimidating when he is talking to Aashi. I felt as if he would actually slap Momal. Aashi’s outburst in front of Jameel doesn’t help her cause much. Jameel has set the dates for the wedding to Fakhr. Aashi has to agree for her mother’s sake.

What do I feel about this drama so far?

Dil e Momin is about two obsessive lovers – Gauhar and Maya. Gauhar isn’t stepping back from pursuing Maya, and Maya isn’t relenting from chasing Momin.
I don’t Aashi’s character. She is so taken by her hurt that she doesn’t hesitate from hurting others. At one point, her comment is so snarky.
“Mujhe Momin ka tawakkal azmana hai,” Aashi says.
Astagfirullah! She won’t have a pleasant future, I can sense that. She is also very short-tempered. I live with a short-tempered person, and I know how irritating they are.
Madiha Imam looks so pretty when she cries. And her portrayal of Maya is so beautiful and perfect. She doesn’t seem like a fictional character. I feel as if she’s a real person. Jitna woh royi hai na, mujhe bhi rona aane laga hai.
Off to watch the next episode of Dil-e-Momin.

Shabana Mukhtar