Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 10

A little recap of episode 9

Mahir is seriously considering that wooing and marrying Mehrunnisa would be an answer to many of his problems. Would he talk to Meru?

Dobara episode 10 written update and review

So, Mehrunnisa’s birthday, huh? Affan does wish his mother but he can’t stay because he has plans with Seher. This is the perfect opportunity for Ibtesaam to woo Mehrunnisa, because Durdana deems it fit.

Mahir calls Babar. Why? Because he feels emotional. It’s his birthday, and nobody remembers it. Tch, bacha baba! That’s short for bechara baba. Babar calls Mehrunnisa just so Mahir can celebrate his birthday.
Wow, so they share their birthdays. Isn’t it cute? Neha and Rehan also share their birthdays. Who are they? They are the protagonists of my novella Lovestruck Forever.
Mahir is cursing himself and his luck, but he is pleasantly surprised. Narmeen comes to his room. Awnnn! Since when did Mahir get so lucky?
He didn’t.
Narmeen is there to meet Zaman’s friend’s wife. Ouch!
Narmeen accuses Mahir of lying about everything including his feels.
“Meri mohabbat jhooti nahin thhi,” Mahir tells Narmeen.
Before they can argue further, Mehrunnisa comes with flowers and cakes etc. Narmeen and Meru exchange a look, a look that speaks volumes.
Anywho, so they share their birthdays, except for the year.
“Saal se farq nahin padta, soch se padta ha8. Hum dono hum umar hain,” Mahir tells Meru.
Baja farmaya Mahir saheb. After birthday celebration, Mahir proposes to Meru, who loses her calm and reminds him of his limits.
“Dosti mein hadh nahin hoti, baqi jar rishtey mein hoti hai,” Mahir says.
Mehrunnisa lashes at Mahir and leaves. Then, we see a flashback of some good moments. I didn’t understand why she brought his status in between. Age, maybe, but how does she know that Mahir is after her monies?
Mehrunnisa’s birthday doesn’t get better. Ibtesaam takes the birthday girl out for dinner and proposes to her. Two proposals in a day, not bad, huh?
Babar is such a bina pende ka lota. Kidhar bhi ludhak jata hai. He was the one who hammered Mehrunnisa’s idea in Mahir’s head, and now he is cursing Mahir for proposing. When you have friends like Babar, who needs enemies?


Javed Shaikh and Sakeena Sammo, they are the best thing to watch. Their acting is on par for their roles, and bring the much needed comic relief in this otherwise cynic and grumpy drama.
I never thought I would say this but Zoya Nasir looked gorgeous in that hospital scene.
Hadiqa has such gorgeous hair. I wish I could ever style mine like hers. She looks gorgeous, too, but her acting doesn’t impress me. When she is lashing at Mahir, her expressions weren’t convincing.

What to expect from episode 11?

Mehrunnisa will consider the two proposals and undoubtedly favour Mahir.
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Shabana Mukhtar