Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 5

A little recap

Sara is still not over Ashar, and she is trying everything in her power to woo Ashar back.

Humsafar episode 5 written update and review

Sara is now befriending Khirad, for reasons I could not understand. I think she doesn’t fear Khirad nor is she jelaous. Khirad is no apparent competition for her. Perhaps, she thinks that Ashar would soon leave Khirad for her.

Farida appears to have had a change in heart. She is treating Khirad as her daughter – looking after her, giving her jewellery, taking care of her meals etc. Whether it is a facade or she has genuinely become a good person, only time will tell.

The episode ends as Khirad talks to Baseerat and asks a question that we all have been thinking about:

“Why couldn’t you be my guardian? Why did you have to marry me to Ashar?” Khirad asks Baseerat.

That question not only makes Baseerat ponders over it, but our dear Ashar overhears the conversation. This talk helps clear some preconceived notion in Ashar’s head. He starts to think of Khirad like a person, and thinks get better. 

Ashar is invited to his friend Ayaz’s party, and he decides to takes Khirad with her. Now, we will see the epic hairclip scene. 

What to expect from episode 6?

Will Ashar see the real Khirad? Will he see through the false image that Sara has created for Khirad?

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Shabana Mukhtar