Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 8

A little recap of episode 7

Baseerat is sick and hospitalized. Things don’t look good for him.

Humsafar episode 8 written update and review

So, Baseerat has passed away. Khirad joins rhe university to do masters in mathematics. While she is fortunate to meet a couple of nice and friendly girls on the first day itself, she is also noticed by a bunch of guys on of them being Khizar. Dude is sort of obsessed with Khirad since the moment he set eyes on her, and is even upset to learn that she is married. Remember this, yeh bhi exam mein aayega. 


Khizar is Sara’s cousin, and that’s how he also knows Ashar and Fareeda. 


The rest of the episode is almost all about Khirad and university and her studies. She is shown to be a bright student, and impresses professor Idrees. She talks to Ashar and Fareeda about studies and classmates. Sarmad Khoosat looks funny in his professor avatra, by the way. 



After watching yesterday’s episode, my mom said: saas is prettier than bahu. 


I agree. Atiqa Odho looks gorgeous in every frame. I have never been a fan of Mahira Khan but in this drama, she is just plain. Whether it’s her acting or her looks, neither impressed me. She looks pretty on Shehr-e-Zaat, but not in this one, nopes.

Atiqa ji is also a seasoned professional and has done a great job with her sweet sasu-maa character. Hina Khwaja Bayat is effortlessly charming.

I liked the scene when Ashar runs out of Baseerat’s room. It instilled a sense of urgency and loss in me. Nicely shot scene.

What to expect from episode 9

Khizar and Khirad will become friends. Would Ashar tolerate Khirad’s friendship with a guy? 

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Shabana Mukhtar