Drama Review | Qissa Meherbano Ka | Episode 3

Let’s review the latest episode of Qissa Meherbano Ka. It’s based on Fakhra Jabeen’s short story Ujalon Ki Basti. You can read the story here, and my review is here. The drama is quite different from the story itself, so don’t be disheartened by my review even if it has some spoilers.

The third episode of Qissa Meherbano Ka is out. It’s Septemper 11, 2021. I’m sitting in my bed as I watch the episode and draft this review post. I’m so efficient, aren’t I?

Qissa Meherbano Ka Episode 3 Written Review


Mehran’s mother has something serious against Mehrbano. She talks some rubbish which leaves Mehrbano and Professor pondering over her words. Like seriously… How many times do we see the same scene in sepia?

This whole episode is part-regular, part-sepia. We see Mehrbano’s nikaah, and we also see that Murad spoke to Mehrbano after nikaah. So, it’s not like they are complete strangers to each other.

We also see a little bit of Murad.

Murad wants money, loads of it. He owes money to many people. He wants to hit a jackpot. It wouldn’t be a surprise that he would set his eyes on Mehrbano’s estate. Her house is nothing short of an estate. Hehe!

Mehran’s mother is such an evil person. She repeats the same poisonous things she has already said. Mehrbano is standing right there. She’s hurt, of course, and leaves the function. When that doesn’t suffice, she stoops to character assassination. Ewww!

I feel for Mehrbano. Mawra has acted well in this scene.

Mehran’s mother talks to professor, says the same vicious things. We see him break down in the masjid. That scene will touch your heart.

The episode ends as Mehran tells professor: “I want to marry Mehrbano.”


Will professor contact Murad Ali? Will Murad Ali come back in Mehrbano’s life now?

Parting Thoughts

This episode review wouldn’t be complete if I don’t rant about Noor. If she was my niece, I would have slapped her by now.

Oh, and Mehran’s mother, she’s such a one-note,one-tone woman. And her dialogue delivery is so unpunctuated, if I may say so. She pauses abruptly while delivering a line. And her expressions are also the same – as if she has eaten a karela.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar