Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 21


Sang-e-Maah Episode 21 Written Update and Review

So, Hilmand makes Haji Marjaan apologize to Nasrullah’s grave. Haji Marjaan has apologized. But Hilmand has taken time to think over it. Later, he sends a message through Sabz Ali for not forgiving Haji Marjaan. 


Hilmand doesn’t want Haji Marjaan to lead the jirga. Instead, he wants Pir Yusuf Shah (Shah Saheb, the guy who knows everyone’s secrets). 

Since Awwal Khan has overheard Gul Meena and Badam Gul’s conversation, he now knows who really stabbed Hilmand. He tells Marjaan, of course, but now Marjaan has recalled a lesson–that it is hard to forgive someone who killed your father. He didn’t forgive his horse who killed his father. 

Long story short, Haji Marjaan has given up. He even asks Sheherzade to look after Zarsanga. Noman Ejaz proved once again that he’s a legend. 


Gul Meena and Zargoona come to meet Zarsanga. The way Gul Meena hugs Zargoona and breaks down, it made my eyes water. Okay, I bawled.

Then, Zarsanga gives Gul Meena and Hikmat a chance to talk.


“Razinama karke bahar aao.” Zarsanga tells Gul Meena and Hikmat.


Gul Meena and Hikmat’s argument counter-argument is so sweet. I loved how confidently she “ordered” Hikmat to apologize. This is the sweetest romance ever 💕💕💕 

On a side note, loved Hania’s makeup. She looks like a surkh o safed pathani girl. Bahot aala!


Haji Marjaan serves qahwa to both Zarsanga and himself. They get to talking, but the conversation soon turns grim and emotional. 

“Aisa lag raha hai jaise bahot kuch ghalat hone wala hai.” Zarsanga says.

I will be honest. I didn’t get the last scene. What did Haji Marjaan mix in Zarsanga’s qahwa? Is he trying to kill her? If someone knows, please comment below.



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Shabana Mukhtar