Mushk | Episode 15

Let’s review the fifteenth episode of Mushk.

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So, Adam is at Ruby’s house where Roshni is presented to Adam. We know just how stupid Roshni is, so the moment she sees her first customer (sorry for the rude language),  she says: “Adam bhai!”

Adam plays smart but Ruby’s security men get the better of it. Like the conversation between Adam and Ruby. The dialogues are great. Ruby madam is one of the worst actors I have seen in recent times.

Saquib sends a letter to Ahmad Malik, which ends up with Zulekha. Zulekha is devastated, of course. This woman is terrific. Right from the first episode, she emotes just right. And now when she cries, she is just wow.

Of course, Mahek feels that Zulekha is just being mean to Ahmad Malik.  Guddi still sides with Ahmad Malik. Poor girl, does not know the truth. I am sure when she learns about the truth, she will not sympathize with Ahmad Malik.

Muqaddar Khan tells Masooma that she is getting married to Shayan. That little girl does not even understand the gravity of the situation. She is happy that her father is talking to her.

Mahek is so caught up with her own predicaments that she completely forgets about Adam. Guess who reminds her about Adam? Guddi. Our dabang Guddi is falling in love with dabang Adam.

One of the girls at Ruby’s place also tried to escape and is now stuck with Adam and Roshni.

Adam is trying to untie his hands. Will he succeed? I would hope so.

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar