Mushk | Episode 18

Let’s review the eighteenth episode of Mushk.

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This episode begins on an emotional note. Adam remembers that he refused to give gifts to his sister because he bought those stuff for Mahek. Now that he has lost all hopes of marrying her, he cleans his cupboard. He tells his sister all about Shayan.

Now, he is taking Mahek to Shayan. Guddi is tagging along. How else would Mahek take Shahmeer with her? Mahek says goodbye to dadaji. No prizes for guessing that they will arrive right when Shayan is marrying Masooma.

But wait, there is more drama. Their car’s tyre gets burst right near Guddi’s village. Will she go and meet her family? She does, but her mother is petrified to see her because Guddi has four FIR against her. We see the vulnerable side of Guddi. She loves her family, misses her, but she cannot afford to stay much longer.

Urwa, you are a gem in this scene. Her best performance hands down.

Oh, Zulekha asks Dr Rana to kill Ahmad Malik. Woah! Would he? Or would he be loyal to Guddi?

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Shabana Mukhtar