Mushk | Episode 8

Let’s review the eighth episode of Mushk.

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Unaware that Malik Sahab has asked Adam to marry Mahek, she pleads that Adam should find Shayan. Would he be able to recognize Shayan? Yes, because Shayan is now shaved and clean for his nikaah with Khan’s daughter Masooma.

She learns soon and we hear very emotional and beautiful dialogue between Adam and Mahek. Urdu acchi hai!

Guddi contacts Saquib and is paying her game well but Zulekha is better. She weeps and wins Rani, to convince her to say yes to marriage.

One note: the girl who plays Rani, I forget her name, sounds a lot like Sanam Jung. Just listen to her and then watch the last scene from the last episode of Mere Humdum Mere Dost.

Adam agrees to marry Mahek.

Sajjad loses the battle of life, alone in his cell.

That’s plot summary and my commentary.

Now a few observations…

  1. Mahek has strange ways of taking qasam:

آپ کی انگلی پکڑ کر چلے ہر قدم کی قسم۔۔۔

میرے مرے ہوئے ماں باپ کی قسم۔۔

Interesting but not liking it.

I like how the old Urdu idioms are rephrased. Guddi says:

دودھ اور پانی الگ الگ برتن میں نہ کیا تو کہہ دینا، نام بدلنے میں وقت نہیں لگاؤں گی۔

Dhoodh aur pani alag alag bartan mein na kiya to keh dena, naam badalne mein waqt nahi lagaungi.

Love it!

Until next episode, stay safe!

Shabana Mukhtar