Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 30 | Finale Episode

It is time to review the latest episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay, episode 30, that aired on August 13, 2020. 

Mansoora is upset and heartbroken, resilient and determined at the same time. She wants to avenge whatever injustice Sarwar has caused Munshi and Mahjabeen. She leaves the decision upto Abdullah, and he also has to choose between Shanzey and Mahjabeen. He obviously chose Mahjabeen. Shanzey loses her mind and talks rubbish, loads of it. It makes me cringe, even though it wasn’t so overtly insulting. I hope this was Shanzey’s last scene.

Anywho, Abdullah forbids her: “Say all you want, but not a word against my wife.”

Khair, Abdullah has got some confidence, finally.

He asks Mahjabeen to return home. Mahjabeen reminisces every time he had insulted her in the past. Will she forgive him? Before she could reply, Sarwar arrives. He does what he does best. He begins humiliating Mahjabeen and Seema and Abdullah. Abdullah loses it and slaps Sarwar – just what he deserved. This was the scene I have been waiting for past 30 weeks. Abdullah standing up for Mahjabeen and Mahjabeen fighting for Abdullah, supporting each other, just the way husband and wife should be.

 The last few minutes are loaded with cuteness and thank goodness for that. It was needed to make the end a memorable one – a good memory and not a bitter one.

This episode has two very effective scenes. The first one when Seema questions Abdullah: Did you learn about Munshi’s innocence after audit? 

She raises a great question. Why do we need proof of love, honesty of our near and dear ones? Don’t we all do the same in real life?

The second one, of course, is when Mahjabeen and Abdullah call each other bawla and bawli.

A Few More Words

This drama started off on such high note. A very promising romantic comedy. I watched the first episode 5-6 times. That’s how much I loved the beginning. After a few episode, it derailed a bit.

The best character, Washma was conveniently ignored. Her fiance, for instance, was only brought in for 2 scenes. Mansoora knew Washma, her daughter was molested by Sarwar, her husband. And yet, she did not take a stand. I wish this was given more time and Sarwar should have paid for what he did to Washma.

Let me end the review with this question – how and when the hell did Mahjabeen get pregnant?

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