Telefilm Review | Daadi Ka Damaad | Eid Special | Har Pal Geo


Daadi Ka Daamad is a  Eid Special telefilm on Har Pal Geo produced by . Written by Samira Fazal, and directed by Saima Waseem, this telefilm stars Madiha Imam and Affan Waheed in the lead.

Writer: Samira Fazal

Director: Saima Waseem

Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment



After knowing about her grandmother’s ailment, Zaviyar decides to return back to Pakistan while his mother gets busy finding marriage proposals for him. Soon after Zaviyar’s arrival, his grandmother passes away and as her last wish asks Zaviyar to become his son in law.

Confused and baffled by his grandmother’s request, Zaviyar learns about his grandmother’s long lost brother and makes efforts to reunite both the families. As the two families reunite, Zaviyar falls in love with his cousin Anaya and chooses to fulfil his grandmother’s last wish.

However, Anaya is someone who lives her life on her own terms and finds Zaviyar’s will to fulfil his grandmother’s last wish unnecessary. From then on Anaya deliberately makes several attempts to pressurize Zaviyar to back off however Zaviyar refuses to do so.

Will Zaviyar give up easily in front of Anaya or will Zaviyar hold his ground and fulfil his grandmother’s last wish?

Will Zaviyar and Anaya’s family bridge the gap between the two?

Cast & Characters

Affan Waheed as Zaviyaar

The male lead

Bee Gul as dadi

Zaviyaar’s ailing grandmother, she doesn’t talk.

Saifi Hassan (my fav) as Junaid

Zaviyaar’s father

Naseem Begum

Zaviyaar’s mother

Manzoor Qureshi as dada

Anaya’s grandfather and dadi’s brother

Farhan Ali Agha as Akif

Anaya’s father

Hina Bayat as Mariyam

Anaya’s mother

Madiha Imam as Anaya

Sidra Nyazi as Mona

Anaya’s older sister. She’s married and lives in US.

Agha Talal as Muneeb

Zaviyaar’s friend


Mona’s husband. We don’t even see him on the screen, not even once.

Plot Summary

The premise, or the video’s description gives away a lot. But yet, the execution is interesting and funny in most cases. The antics that Anaya pulls to irritate Zaviyar are hilarious.

So, the two estranged families reunite, and Junaid let’s it slip what dadi’s last wish was. The families are happy, but Anaya is not. She overacts as a very bold girl leaving Junaid and Naseema puzzled.

Anaya says and does everything that would surely tick off Zaviyar and family.

The conflict comes when Anaya thinks that Zaviyar broke his promise, even though it was both parents who set the date without bride and groom’s consent.

Anaya calls Munib and flirts with him only to irritate Zaviyar.  It works, Zaviyar gives up.

You win and I lose he says.

When both families find out about this mess, they aren’t very happy, but they are very understanding as a family.  They know that they shouldn’t pressurize the kids when they aren’t happy.

Anaya’s family knows but they also know nothing can be done.

But now Anaya is upset. Dada asks Anaya to talk to Zaviyar once and apologize. 

And things end on a happy note. 


I like some scenes like when Hina Bayat gently slaps madiha’s head. So cute! Moms do that and it’s so lovely!

“Ghar se bhagna koi mauroosi marz nahi hai,” Junaid says.


Anaya sends a very tacky outfit for Zaviyaar and he rocks that gaudy maroon salwar kameez thingy, all thanks to charming Affan.

I love all the tactics they both try to push off each other.

I like the telefilm, fun and light. Although, the resolution was half-baked, I felt.

Get this: Anaya goes to Zaviyar’s house and apologizes to her aunt and uncle. Zaviyar is already on the way to the airport. She chases him, apologizes to him, and that’s all.

We don’t know why Zaviyar forgives her so easily.

Isn’t that too quick?

Zaviyar was mad at Anaya like anything, and then suddenly all iz well?

Anywho, a fun watch!

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Shabana Mukhtar