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Rental Love is a Turkish Romantic Drama. It revolves around Omer who is a mysterious man with his full attention to his shoe designing company.  His aunt Nerminan hires a girl Defne to make Omer fall in love with her. Defne agrees as she has to repay her brother’s debt.

But, while she is rented for love, she falls in love with Omer for real.

Let’s meet the cast and the characters.

İplikçi family

Barış Arduç as Ömer İplikçi

The protagonist, the hero of our story. He runs a shoe company and is a prodigy. His designs are to die for, his abs are to die for because we see plenty of it in every episode. Haha!

Nergis Kumbasar as Neriman İplikçi

Omer’s aunt. Greedy, plotting, evil and yet provided comic relief at times. She wants Omer to get married, get the inheritance, so she could lead a good life. Mean woman!

Levent Ülgen as Necmi İplikçi

Omer’s uncle. He is not as bad as Neriman, but he doens’t do much to stop his wife, either.

Melisa Şenolsun as Sude İplikçi

Omer’s cousin, Neriman’s daughter

Ferdi Merter as Hulusi İplikçi

Omer’s cousin, Neriman’s son

Topal family

Elçin Sangu as Defne Topal

Our heroine, the good girl who is doing everything in her power to keep her family afloat. Literally everything. She even accepts an offer to marry Omer just so she gets enough money to repay her brother’s debts.

Hikmet Körmükçü as Türkan Topal

Defne’s grandmother

Melisa Giz Cengiz as Esra Topal

Defne’s younger sister

Osman Akça as Serdar Topal

Defne’s older brother. He is not in good company and is indebted to some goons. It is not a small amount. 200,000 liras. Now, the goons are after him and Defne has promised to repay the debt. Poor girl!

Sanem Yeles as Nihan Topal

Defne’s neighbour and friend. Later, Serdar’s girlfriend.

Kerem Fırtına as İsmail

Defne’s neighbour and good friend. He is a big help when Defne is dealing with her brother’s debt.

The Designers

Onur Büyüktopçu as Koray Sargın

Omer’s partner, best friend, best buddy… A flirt by nature… He likes Yasemin but later develops feelings for Defne. Who wouldn’t? Everyone must fall in love with our heroine.

Sinem Öztürk as Yasemin Kayalar

Head designer at the company. She has a thing for Omer, and hates that Koray is after her. Later, when Koray pursues Defne, she changes her stance. She ends up with Ismail, though.

Salih Bademci as Sinan Karakaya

Müjde Uzman – Seda Berensel

Seçkin Özdemir – Pamir Marden

Ayberk Atilla as Sadri Usta

Devrim Yalçın as Deniz Tranba (guest)

Elifcan Ongurlar as Fikret Gallo (guest)

Ismail Karagöz as Şükrü

Hande Ağaoğlu as Mine

Ragıp Gülen as Zübeyir Taşçalan

Selin Uzal as Derya

Simge Doğanlar as Ece

Bariş Murat Yagci as Eymen

Natiq M. Dhahir as abo Alhawashim


Happy watching!

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