Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 155



Ayse’s planned dinner goes terribly wrong, even the chef gets his arm burned. To irk Kerim further, Ayse also takes a selfie together. She is so out of her element, even her family senses that something is wrong with Ayse. 

One painful scene after the other, Ayse follows Helda’s plan while Kerim promises to beat the beast that Ayse has become. But for how long could he tolerate it? When Ayse starts yelling at the breakfast table, Kerim loses his mind. But still not enough to divorce her. Not yet. 

Nazmiye finds about the blackmailer, and she also encourages Riza to set the blackmailer straight. I would love to see that. Wouldn’t I? 


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Until next episode, stay safe. Shabana Mukhtar

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