Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 163



This episode begins at the bar itself where the dudes are partying.  Volkan and Kerim are still at the bar, and Volkan is flirting with a girl, like really hitting on her. Someone interrupts her to inform about wrongly parked car. He shoos away the man and asks  The next moment, he asks his companion to come home with him. Someone pats his shoulder again. 


Poor girl is heartbroken. 

We are dead for each other.

Helda tells Cedah that she’s out of the “torture Kerim” game. Cedah weeps, sulks but pretends to agree with Helda. She would fight it alone. We know! This girl doesn’t give up. We know that, too.

Her next move? Ask Gonca for help and give her a lucrative offer – Cedah’s own house, car, all of her savings and a promise to set her up with Volkan. Gonca falls for the trap. Damn!

Oh, this shit that we cannot be together still even though we love each other and are married to each other – very poor logic. I don’t get it. I am talking about Kerim and Ayse. Ayse doesn’t even want to be in the same bed as Kerim. A bit much, I would say. Nobody is saint… Or at least that’s what I think of people. 

Riza had finally found the perfect house to rent but it is way too expensive. I think it’s Riza’s way to convince Nazmiye to stay in the same house. Nazmiye is too smart for him, though.


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Until next episode, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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