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Dolunay (International title: Full Moon) is a 2017 Turkish drama series. I stumbled upon the drama incidentally. I guess YouTube knows my love for trope based Turkish dramas.

Dolunay explores the theme of what makes a family a family. Is it blood and genetics, shared experiences, or simply love?


Cast & Characters

Aslan Family

Can Yaman as Ferit Aslan

A wealthy, handsome businessman in the public eye. He has a deep distrust of people (women in particular) and cannot forgive them due to his relationship with his mother as a child.

Irmak Ünal as Zeynep Aslan Kaya (appears in only first 2 episodes)

Ferit’s sister, married to Demir Kaya, and Bulut Kaya’s Mother. 

Pinar Family

Özge Gürel as Nazmiye “Nazlı” Pinar Aslan

A young culinary student who aspires to own her own restaurant. She is often stressed due to being responsible for her younger troublemaker sister, Asuman. She is hired as Ferit’s private chef and must deal with his specific requirements and rules for preparing his meals. She is outspoken, independent, and free-spirited.

She looks like Anastasia Grey in this, doesn’t she?

İlayda Akdoğan as Asuman Pinar.

Nazli’s younger mischievous sister. She is a tourism student but often skips class to hang out with her friends. Aspiring to live like the rich, she accumulates debts and even resorts to shoplifting. Demet takes advantage of her need for money to sabotage Ferit.

Kaya Family

Mert Yavuzcan as Demir Kaya (appears in only first 2 episodes)

Ferit’s Brother-in-law and business partner,married to Zeynep, and Bulut Kaya’s Father.

Hakan Kurtaş as Deniz Kaya

Demir Kaya’s Brother, Zeynep and Ferit’s brother-in-law and close friend. Unlike Ferit, he lives a carefree and unstructured life as a musician. He falls in love with Nazli upon meeting her, and his jealousy of Ferit begins to drive a wedge between them. He is very emotional and reckless.

Alihan Türkdemir as Bulut Kaya

Ferit’s orphan nephew, whom he tries to adopt. He is very fond of Nazli and often tries to set her up with his uncle.

Alara Bozbey as Demet Kaya Önder

Demir and Deniz’s sister, Ferit’s sister-in-law and former fiancée. She is estranged from her family because she married Hakan and has not spoken to any of them for years. She wishes to adopt Bulut because he is the only thing she has left of her brother, but her husband uses this to his advantage.

Önder Family

Necip Memili as Hakan Önder

Demet’s husband, who has a personal vendetta against Ferit. He wishes to adopt Bulut in order to obtain shares in Pusula holding. He is involved in trafficking and is abusive toward his wife.


Balamir Emren as Engin

Ferit’s best friend and business partner. He often the one to point out things that Ferit refuses to admit to himself, such as his feelings for Nazli.

Öznur Serçeler as Fatoş Yalçın

Nazli’s best friend and roommate. An aspiring but unemployed fashion designer, Fatoş pretends to be wealthy to ingratiate herself with Engin.

Berk Yaygın as Tarık

Ferit’s assistant and driver. He and Fatoş bond over their mutual love for food, and he eventually falls in love with her.

Özlem Türay as İkbal

Ferit’s assistant.

Emre Kentmenoglu as Bekir

Hakan’s henchman.

Türkü Turan as Alya

Deniz’s ex-girlfriend, who is a singer. She is still in love with Deniz and tries to win him back, but is constantly saddened to see his affection for Nazli. She tries to make him see that Nazli is in love with Ferit and comforts him during his heartbreak.

Ayumi Takano as Manami

Nazli’s former Japanese instructor who becomes her business partner.

Yeşim Gül Aksar as Leman Aslan

Ferit’s mother who is estranged from him because she had an affair when he was a child.

Gamze Aydogdu as Melis


Alright, so with that, we dive into Full Moon. 

Happy watching!

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