Turkish TV Series Review | Kiralik Ask | Episode 3


Kiralik Ask Episode 3 Written Update & Review

Yasmeen is plotting against Omer. We don’t know who it is, but most certainly some rival, perhaps Yasmeen’s old company. 
Omer trusts Defne and sends her to pick up the new design. I can sense that Yasmeen will steal these shoes.
Omer also misses Defne while she’s gone to pick up the shoes. Awnnn! That phone call was so sweet!!!
Yasmeen snags the shoes while Defne is in the bathroom. This is bad news for Defne. 
Neriman gives a makeover to Defne for the party, one of the biggest events in their fraternity. 
Omer is smitten by Defne at the party and dances with her. Omer and Defne share a smouldering chemistry. They set the screen on fire. 
Serdar still sees Nihan as a young girl, and Nihan fails to see that Iso likes her. This love triangle is so confused.
Omer and Defne spend a lot of time together at the party. Defne also spots Yasmeen with a stranger. She clicks photos. Smart girl! 
Sinan wants to go with Yasmeen and Omer wants to go with Defne but Yasmeen drags Omer with her leaving Sinan miffed. Sinan in turn takes Defne home. Needless to say that Omer isn’t happy about this. 
Defne falls asleep watching Pride and Prejudice, how appropriate and suiting for Omer and Defne. 
Iso beats Serdar for upsetting Nihan. 
Necme and Neriman scenes are just fillers in my opinion. Also very annoying… 
The shoes are missing, and Omer waits for her at the office. The moment she arrives, Omer tells her and fires her. That scene was painfully slow.


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