Turkish TV Series Review | Rental Love Urdu Dubbed | Episode 5

You can meet Kiralik Ask’s cast and characters here.

Rental Love Urdu Dubbed Episode 5 Written Update & Review

Defne’s grandmother isn’t entirely convinced about Defne not being home. Serdar tells Nihan about his lies but it breaks Nihan’s heart a little. That girl is in love and apparently Serdar loves him back, but neither of them are willing to talk first. Sheh… Why don’t they just say it aloud?
Sinan has helped Defne for Omer’s assignment. After that, they go out for coffee. Defne is good at mimicking. She mimicks chashmish first, and then Sinan asks her to mimic Yasmeen. She’s awesome at that. That was hilarious. 
Omer is a keen observer, and he has noticed that Defne’s heels are worn-out, so he lends him a pair of gorgeous sandals. Defne hugs him.
Yasmeen is plotting against Omer. We don’t know who it is, but most certainly some rival, perhaps Yasmeen’s old company. 
Omer trusts Defne and sends her to pick up the new design. I can sense that Yasmeen will steal these shoes.
Omer also misses Defne while she’s gone to pick up the shoes. Awnnn! That phone call was so sweet!!!

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